We mourn for KR Angelika Kresch, a true and inspirational visionary

Commercial adviser Angelika Kresch, Managing Director of REMUS-SEBRING Holding AG, Chairwoman of the Economic Chamber of Styria, member of the board of directors of the Federation of Industry and everlasting fighter, has passed away after a long battle against her illness.

In February 2015, Angelika Kresch was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and received a prognosis of living a further 3-6 months. Without further ado, she accepted this challenge and started her battle against this cancer. Using the energy which she used to build today's world market leader and that she had used to claim many top acknowledgements at different international business economy conferences, the innovative heart of REMUS-SEBRING Holding AG, passed away on the 18th of May 2018 due to her serious illness.

Energy and perseverance

Whether performing as a co-driver in a rally car, where she won the Austrian Championship title alongside Kris Rosenberger, racing a bobsled in an ice channel or even skydiving; Angelika Kresch stood for power and perseverance. “There ain’t a woman that comes close to you”, this is Mick Jagger’s, Rolling Stones, world-famous hit. And indeed, nobody, within the local Austrian business economy, could come close to matching Angelika Kresch...

Born in West Styria, Austria, in 1959, Angelika Kresch started her career after graduation, as a commercial clerk at the SEBRING Company in Koeflach. After two years, she got promoted to office manager. In 1983, after her baby break, she was again promoted, this time to marketing and sales manager which paved the way for the international expansion of Sebring within a very short time.

Together with her husband, Otto Kresch, they became a private and professional dream team!  In 1990,   they took the step to become self-employed and as a result, the REMUS Innovation Company is founded. In the years that followed, REMUS quickly and permanently expanded. Within four years of its foundation and due to the persistent and innovative commitments of its founders Angelika and Otto Kresch, the REMUS Wolf conquer the world market with innovative sports exhaust systems. In 1997, during their high-altitude flight, they purchase their former employers company, SEBRING. At this time, REMUS is already represented in more than 60 countries worldwide. Upon acquiring SEBRING, a new business segment is opened; supplying premium original exhaust systems for manufacturers such as Porsche, Ducati, McLaren and Mercedes AMG.

Angelika Kresch was a bundle of energy and a great dancer, she did not get lost in any dancing twists, but instead, kept racing ahead in her Maserati. Numerous expansions for both companies, determined the success for the coming decade.  In 2011, the carbon specialist company XeNTiS was acquired, a year later, the production facility in Bosnia was founded, and in 2013, a REMUS subsidiary company was founded in the USA. Today, the REMUS-SEBRING Group has more than 700 employees at three production plants.

Passion for speed

In her private life, Angelika Kresch loved fast cars, and in her professional life, she was the driving force behind the Styrian business scene. Her focus has always been on the importance of local industry and she inspired many other women to take on technical jobs which resulted in numerous regional and national initiatives.

Numerous awards recognized her outstanding efforts and her tireless work; In 2001, Angelika Kresch was elected "Business Woman of the Year" and in 2004, she received the "Grand Josef Krainer Prize" of the State of Styria.  In January 2018, Angelika Kresch, Federal Executive Board Member of the Federation of Austrian Industry and Chairman of the Industry Division of the Styrian Chamber of Commerce and her husband, were both awarded the “Grand Decoration of golden Honor” of the province of Styria for their life's work.

"Angie, Angie, nobody can say we did not try", Mick Jagger concludes this in his song. As a wife, a mother, a grandmother, an outstanding entrepreneur and visionary, Angelika Kresch has not only tried everything, she gave everything!

The entire team of the REMUS-SEBRING group mourns Angelika Kresch.